Emergency Cash Loans – We Have You Covered When You Need Money!

"Emergency Cash Loans

Jacaranda Finance NZ is a lender-finder who can help you find emergency loans for anything you need. Our panel of lenders from across NZ can lend you up to $10,000 for any emergency expenses such as car repairs, overdue bills, medical or vet expenses, and more. They review all applications with the utmost consideration and make accurate judgments, therefore, setting up realistic repayments clients can afford to make, over a time frame selected by the latter.

Emergency loans for bad credit are not excluded. If you’ve defaulted on a loan in the past, it’s not the end of the world. Jacaranda Finance NZ has an extensive network of lenders, to whom your application can be forwarded. We can help find lenders able to consider your relationship with money now, rather than dwelling on the past. You can then agree on an offer on your terms.

There are no fixed criteria to fulfil for an emergency loan, so, every loan application is looked at on its own merits.  Our friendly, experienced staff will make every effort to find you a lender.

Affordable Emergency Cash Loans From $300 To $10,000 Near You

Quick emergency loans can be flexible and affordable. Neither lenders nor we charge application fees. Interest is paid only over the period, in which you use the loan. Our lender’s contracts are easy to comprehend. We work exclusively with reputable, legitimate companies who don’t charge hidden fees.

To apply, simply fill out our brief online form, entering the amount of fast emergency loans you require and the desired repayment term. Is it possible to receive emergency cash loans in one hour? We can’t guarantee that, but it’s not out of the question, and it’s definitely possible to get same-day approval. Once we find you a lender and you sign a contract with them, they’ll always be there for you.

What is the role of a lender?

A lender is a financial institution or organisation that provides loans. These can range from $200 to more than $10,000. There are different lenders across the country, even such providing emergency loans with no credit check and emergency personal loans with bad credit. Lenders can give a helping hand in an emergency, but no matter what your emergency is, you need a solid repayment plan to avoid issues later on. So, a lender-finder like Jacaranda Finance NZ, who looks for lenders, can help find a loan based on the applicant’s unique circumstances.


Loans for the Unexpected

Expenses are seldom distributed evenly in life. This even applies to bills. Some months, people manage to cover their bills, however, other months, it feels like a race to the finish line to do so. Periods with multiple cash demands and subsequent shortages can lead one to apply for emergency loans. If you’re in this situation, don’t think it’s just you – or just New Zealanders for that matter. According to news.com.au, the AU short-term loan industry exceeded $1 billion in 2018, which was a historical peak.

Big AND Small Emergency Loans are Available

Our lenders will give you a chance irrespective of the amount you require. Some people need emergency loans of just a few hundred dollars to pay for car repairs or have a few cavities filled, however, others have planned for their major medical and dental bills, but the utility bills are much higher than expected.

Still others have budgeted for all utility bills, but all of a sudden a relative gets sick and they have medical bills to cover. Or they promised their kids a camping trip, purchased all necessary equipment, but got a flat on the way there and must now reckon with car repair costs. There are many, many reasons one might need emergency loans.

Emergency Loans for Poor Credit: Dare to Hope

If your score is less than exemplary, you might have been looking into bad credit emergency loans online. Rest assured that credit score and history play a minor role in many of our lenders’ decisions. Our partners are reasonable people who understand life can happen, so, major events that you may not have control over will leave you in a fix. This applies to everyone, even those who’ve made mistakes in the past.

For example, you suddenly have to move because your landlord wants to sell the flat you live in. You find a new place, but can’t cover the rent bond. Then, there’s the absolutely inevitable in life: illness and/or death. These are unpleasant, and the associated costs – even more so. If a loved one suddenly passes away, you’ll have to cover the funeral costs, which can reach several thousand dollars, therefore, this might deplete your savings.

Finally, there are the absolutely mundane, trivial occurrences that are part and parcel of everyday life. Your roof starts leaking and you need cash to carry out repairs urgently. You can’t be expected to live in a flooded house. People in this situation deserve help, so emergency cash loans for bad credit aren’t out of the question.

How does a lender work?

We understand how stressed someone can feel in a situation of dire need. Most of our applicants have been in such circumstances, so we’ve risen to the occasion and lent a helping hand. We’re the first to tell our clients not to waste time and energy getting stressed out. In an emergency, time is of essence. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions are not likely to offer quick cash. You might just waste your time calling them and going around for loan interviews.

Friends or relatives are an option, but they might not have cash readily available, or they’ll pry into why you need it. Jacaranda Finance can help by getting you in touch with a lender directly. Your prospects are better when you apply through us because we are trusted by our partners. We make sure only the good applications make it through to approval. We’ll save you a lot of time and hassle. All you need to do is apply – it takes most people several minutes, even people without much technological expertise. You’ll find instructions on application and eligibility criteria toward the end of this post.


Lending: Facts and Stats


Recent analysis by research firm Digital Finance Analytics has shown rapid growth in the rate of lending over the past five years. The Internet and social media have emerged as the single biggest source for potential recipients to learn about and access all kinds of personal loans, including emergency ones.

If you’ve had an unexpected emergency, maybe your car needs repairs; the bathroom needs emergency renovation; or you simply need cash fast cash for an unexpected expense Jacaranda Finance NZ can find a lender to provide up to $10,000.

How Do Loans Through Us Work?

When we get you in touch with a lender, they might make you an offer. If you accept it, their fee will be up to a fifth of the principal. Here is an example: If you get a loan of $2,000 for a term of one year, you can expect to have to pay back a maximum of $2,880. Over 50 weeks, there is a lender fee of 20% ($400) and Jacaranda Finance fees of 4% per month ($480). The loan is repaid in full in 50 weekly instalments of $57.60.

Loans up to $2,000 are considered small loans. However, some of our partners can provide medium or large loans as well.

Medium personal loans range from $2,100 to $4,600. These fast loans come with a lender fee of $400 and annual percentage rate of 48%. The repayment term is from 13 to 24 months.

Finally, large loans are categorised as those in an amount of at least $5,000. The annual percentage rate is 21.24%. The repayment term is also from 13 to 24 months.

An example of large loan repayment: Jacaranda Finance connects you with a lender who gives you a cash loan of $5,000. You choose to repay it over a year and a half. The principal amount is $5,000, to which interest of $2,027.80 is added, coming to a total of $7,027.80 repayable over the period of time you have agreed on. You will be making weekly instalment payments of just $90.10.

Please keep in mind these examples may not include all applicable fees and charges. Different conditions, charges, fees or amounts might change the estimate.

The Convenience of Working with a Lender-Finder

If you choose not to work with a lender-finding service like Jacaranda Finance NZ, you’ll be responsible for comparing all of the emergency loan details, such as — loan amount, loan term, interest and fees with what can seem like an ocean of options.

Tips and Advice from a Specialist

When looking for a fast loan in NZ, do consider paperless ones. These loans are easier to apply for, making them a popular choice for people who need money quickly. Jacaranda Finance NZ provides fast and 100% online service with no waiting in line. If we pair you with a lender, documents are handled in the strictest of confidence.



Jacaranda Finance NZ will try very hard to pair you with a lender who’ll offer you a quick loan to help with your situation. Our partners require applicants to have been receiving a regular income for the past three months or more. You will have to present a copy of your bank statements, this is done by providing your internet bank login details, from which an automatic system will retrieve the required documents. Lenders will view these in read-only format. Your online banking username and password will remain confidential.

Apart from being employed, you need to be a citizen or permanent resident of NZ and at least 18 years old. You will be required to provide a valid mobile number and email address.

Emergency Cash Loans: No Credit Check?

Some lenders perform credit checks, while others do not. As noted, bad credit doesn’t have to be a deterrent for you. You’re eligible even if you are getting benefits from the government.

Our partners’ loan conditions are quite reasonable, and the whole process causes only minimal stress. Repayment periods are as long as you choose them to be, depending on the loan amount. Instalments are also spaced out and affordable – emergency cash loans are not the same as payday loans!

You will never be charged a processing fee. Our quick online form is customised to be as simple as possible. It takes minutes to fill it out and submit it. Jacaranda Finance NZ’s helpful customer service staff are always online and available to answer any questions you may have. You can apply for an emergency loan from the comfort and privacy of your home. There’s no need to go anywhere. All you need is a secure, reliable Internet connection.

Apply Now!

Don’t spend any more nerve-wracking hours in hesitation. You can’t afford to wait. Apply with us now. There is no need to drive anywhere, no need to prepare, to think about what you’re going to say, to worry about the personal impression you’ll leave. If you are approved, the funds will be deposited directly into a bank account you have provided.

“​Jacaranda Finance is a lender-finding service. We do not offer financial advice. Consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information and ideas presented on this website relate to your unique circumstances.”