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"Borrow Money Quick with Jacaranda NZ

Do you need to borrow money fast?

When you need to borrow money today there often isn’t any time to waste. Searching through the internet for lenders with the best rates can waste hours of your time. Applying to individual lenders for a loan can mean that you’re waiting for days, or even sometimes weeks for a response. Plus, how can you be sure they’re the right choice for you? When you need cash for an emergency expense, that simply isn’t good enough!

Where can I borrow money from?

There are thousands of lenders online that can help when you need cash quick. But how do you know which to choose? When it comes to finding the best place to take out a personal loan, Jacaranda NZ can help you sort through your options. Through just one application with us, you’ll gain access to hundreds of reputable online lenders. So, if you’re not sure where to borrow money from, we could help you find a lender capable of offering you the funding you need.

Can I apply online?

If you’ve been googling ‘where can I borrow money online’ or ‘borrow money NZ’ with no luck – take a deep breath. Jacaranda is here to help! We endeavour to connect customers all over New Zealand to the loans they need. From Auckland to Christchurch, Queenstown and everywhere in-between, we can find a lender for you!

Why should I apply online to borrow money?

While many companies are promising that you can ‘borrow money today’, we can help make the process faster, easier and more secure. Here’s why you should choose Jacaranda to find the loan you need:

We’re Fast

When you need cash fast, the last thing you want to do is wait around for days or weeks for a response to your loan applications. You want an answer immediately, and you want the money in your bank within a matter of days. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Although we can’t promise you’ll be able to borrow money online instantly, with Jacaranda’s help you could be able to borrow money quick! Our online application takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Once you have completed your application, you could be waiting less than an hour for a response. Then, once you’ve been matched with a lender, you could receive your loan within a day!

We Make Things Easy

Because we’re 100% internet-based, it has never been easier to borrow money online. You don’t even have to leave your couch to gain access to hundreds of lenders. From the loan application to communicating with the lender and setting up your repayments – the whole process can be done with a touch of your fingertip. No need to wait at the end of the phone, or visit loan offices, just fill out our form today!

We Keep You Safe

The internet can be a minefield when you’re looking for money loans. Although most companies are reputable, it’s important to be fully aware of every possible cost in your loan contract.

Well, with Jacaranda, you don’t have to worry about all of that. We work with only the most reputable lenders who are committed to disclosing their full rates before a contract is signed. This way, you will know exactly what you’re paying and when.

We also take your online security seriously. We are partnered with security heavyweights McAfee and Comodo to protect all of your personal information. As a result, we will only share your info with the lenders you are applying to. For more information on our security and privacy policy have a look at the links below:

We Put Your Happiness First

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want you to get the loan you want when you need it. If you’re not happy with the loan you’re offered, you are never obliged to accept it. If after reading over the loan contract you decide it doesn’t suit you, then simply decline! We will do our best to find you an alternative lender.

Our commitment to excellent customer service has earned us two Word of Mouth service awards in 2017 and 2018.

How can I borrow money?

When you need cash fast, time is of the essence. That’s why we’ve made our loan application process simple. To apply for a loan through us, follow these three steps:

Apply Online: Applying for a loan through our online form is easy and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Our online application form is free and secure. We ask you for some necessary personal details, and details of the loan you’re looking for.

Wait To Be Matched With A Lender: Once we’ve received your application form, we’ll do our best to match you with a lender that can offer you the loan you need. You could hear from us within one hour of applying if you enquire within regular business hours. If you submit your application outside of business hours, we’ll try to get back to you on the next business day.

It’s A Match: If we find a lender that can help, we’ll introduce you, then your lender should be in contact you directly to discuss further details. It will then be up to you to finalise and sign the contract and set up a repayment plan.

Something To Remember

Always make sure that you read your loan contract thoroughly before signing. Your lender is obligated to provide you with the full costs of your loan before you agree to it. If you have any questions or are confused about anything regarding your loan, please speak to your lender.

Can I apply for a loan?

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re able to apply for a loan through Jacaranda, all you need to do is answer ‘yes’ to these simple questions below:

  • Are you 18 years old or over?
  • Do you have a valid email address and phone number?
  • Do you have a provable income for the past 90 days?
  • Am I able to provide a bank statement to show my income?

If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’, then you can apply! Your lender may ask you to provide some other documentation such as:

  • Copies of bills
  • Copies of payslips
  • A form of identification such as a driving licence or passport
  • Your employer’s contact details

Some lenders may require employment verification to finalise your loan. This means they may need to contact your employer to verify that you work there. They should not reveal any details of your loan application within this check, and confidentiality should always be ensured.

How Much Can I Borrow?

You can apply for personal loans between $300 to $10,000 and the repayment period will depend on the lender. Lenders offer personal loans to cover a range of expenses. So, you could borrow money for renovations, vet bills, or even a holiday! Below is an example of the loan options that lenders may provide:

Loan type Amount Term
Unsecured or secured $300 to $10,000 12 to 24 months

Loan amounts and terms may vary depending on your individual lender. If you’ve found an option that works for you – apply now using our loan calculator located at the top of this page.

Can I borrow money if I’m receiving government benefits?

We don’t believe in excluding those who are receiving government benefits from applying for a loan. We work with lenders that offer loans to those receiving an income through government benefits. You will still need to prove this income by providing a bank statement and Centrelink income statements when applying.

Can I Borrow Money With Bad Credit?

If you have a bad credit history and are worried that it may affect your chance of getting a loan, lenders may take a look at your overall financial circumstances rather than just your credit history. Ultimately, there is no best way to borrow money with bad credit. However, we work with lenders who offer loans to customers from all walks of life – including those with bad credit.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The total cost of your loan will depend on several factors, including:

  • How much you borrow
  • How long your repayment term is
  • Other personal factors included in your loan application

Jacaranda NZ is not a lender and has no control over the costs of your loan. We work with lenders who approve loans from $300 to $10,000 depending on your circumstances. Repayment terms range from 12 to 24 months depending on the size of your loan.

Every lender will have different rates, so it isn’t possible to give you an exact cost for your loan before it has been approved. Your lender should determine the exact fees, terms and loan amount available for you. For more information on interest rates and repayments speak to your lender directly.

Your Repayment Plan

Repayment amounts and frequency should be agreed with your lender before a contract is signed. This will generally be done by direct debit on a weekly or monthly basis.

You must keep up with your repayments to fulfil the terms of the loan. If for any reason you believe you won’t be able to keep up with repayments, you must contact your lender immediately. If given some prior notice, the lender may be able to alter your repayment plan or defer payments so that you don’t default on your loan.

Are You Ready To Apply?

If you’re ready to borrow money through Jacaranda Finance NZ, then all that’s left to do is use our free application to send your loan request to dozens of lenders!

If you have more questions, then our handy FAQ page could be a good place to start. Rather speak to one of the team directly? Get in touch via our online contact form.

You can also find us on social media! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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